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With unlimited robots, agents, users, workflows, runtime, api requests and what ever weird
thing you could think of someone would charge for.


OpenRPA is released as open source, with no commercial model around it. You are free to use it however and as much as you want, also for commercial use. OpenIAP ApS does not offer any additional services or features for OpenRPA. By default, OpenRPA will connect to OpenIAP's cloud offering at

OpenIAP Flow

OpenFlow is released as open source, but OpenIAP ApS also offers additional features and services that are not part of the open source offering. You are free to use the open source version however and as much as you want, also for commercial use. Click the "Premium License" tab to see features enabled with a premium license.

OpenIAP Cloud Offering

OpenIAP ApS runs an instance of OpenIAP Flow at You can use this instance for free, but with some limitations. You can also buy more resources at a very low price (see below). If you do not wish to use OpenIAP's cloud offering, you can run OpenRPA in offline mode, or install OpenFlow on your own infrastructure.

OpenIAP Cloud only Services

OpenIAP offers access to OpenIAP Flow at You get 25MB of disk space for free, and you can start a RAM-limited agent that gets turned off after 8 hours. If you enable multi-tenancy for your user, you can add multiple users and roles.

After enabling multi-tenancy, on your customer page, you can purchase additional disk space at 3 DKK per 50MB a month (Approx. 0.43 USD as of November 6, 2023), dedicated agent(s) that do not get turned off; see prices below.

To avoid these restrictions, you can run OpenIAP Flow on-premise or at your own cloud free of any charge.


With 256MB RAM

Add a basic agent instance that does not get turned off after 8 hours.

Price: 228 DKK/month

(Approx. 32 USD as of November 6, 2023)


With 512MB RAM

More RAM, useful if doing browser automation using Chromium (like TagUI, Puppeteer, or Robot Framework) when using nodes that require more RAM (for instance, doing image recognition).

Price: 532 DKK/month

(Approx. 77 USD as of November 6, 2023)


With 1 gigabyte RAM

Even more RAM for heavy-duty workflows that need a lot of RAM.

Price: 800 DKK/month

(Approx. 115 USD as of November 6, 2023)


With 2 gigabytes RAM

Get a dedicated server for your instance.

Price: 1600 DKK/month

(Approx. 230 USD as of November 6, 2023)

Enable enterprise tooling for scaling

When you want to deploy on premise, your local hosting center or using your own cloud provider ( like Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, Alibaba etc. ) you can buy one or more license keys. Deploying openflow on premise is easy using docker compose for docker or our helm chart for kubernetes. After purching a license, please send an email to with your customer name, and the domain name you wish to use for your openflow installation. Once updated in our system you can get your license on your customer page A license does not come with any support, but you can buy consulting hours as needed.

Product elements

  • Access to monitoring using OpenTelemetry. Collection of both performance data for monitoring and spans for detailed logging of all events.
  • Custom grafana dashboards for OpenTelemtry data (if collected).
  • Custom grafana dashboards on any (un)structured data saved in the openflow database.
  • Easy design custom reports and dashboard, using same security model as in OpenFlow.
  • Kubernetes agent driver (with limited OpenShift support)
  • A license is per api domain. Therefor if it used in multitenant mode you will only need one license
  • The first license purchase, will also allows you an ekstra license that may only be used for a development envoriment

Price 5000 DKK/month

(Aprox 720 USD at November 6. 2023)

Consulting Service

You can purchase per hour consulting services from OpenIAP ApS. Hours are limited to the offerings below. If you are looking for a company to build or monitor your flows and installation, please contact one of our partners. Hours are billed in 30-minute increments and must be pre-paid before work begins. You can buy a single ad-hoc hour when booking a meeting with us, or purchase packages of hours on your customer page. Buying packages will offer a discount on the hourly rate.

  • Installation and troubleshooting of OpenIAP Flow on Kubernetes
  • Installation and troubleshooting of OpenIAP Flow on Docker
  • Priority on bug fixes for OpenIAP Flow and OpenRPA
  • Feature expansion and new feature additions in OpenIAP Flow
  • Architectural and solutions consulting for developers

Price: 1500 DKK/hour

(Approx. 216 USD as of November 6, 2023)

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